March, 2011

February, 2011

  • 28 February

    The Third Problem that will Arise by Referring Directly to the Qur’an and Hadith

    The third problem is that some people will come across certain Ahaadith which have been unanimously abrogated (i.e. according to the consensus of the Sahaabah (Radiyallahu Anhum) and the entire ummah), however due to lack of sufficient knowledge regarding the historical background of the law, they will begin practising upon …

  • 16 February

    The Second Problem that will Arise by Referring Directly to the Qur’an and Hadith

    The second problem is that some people, after independently viewing the laws of the Qur’an and Hadith (with their limited analogy), will begin to deduce underlying factors (‘ilal) upon which rulings are based. Thereafter, they will abrogate many laws of Deen on the basis that the underlying cause that they …

  • 15 February

    What is wrong if one Refers to the Qur’an and Hadith Directly?

    If one who is not a mujtahid refers to the Qur’an and Hadith directly in order to extract shar’ee laws and find solutions to his problems, he will land himself in clear disaster and encounter many difficulties. It is akin to an ignorant layman trying to find a solution to …

  • 12 February

    The Status of Taqleed

    Q: What is the status of Taqleed (following one of the four Imaams of fiqh) in Deen? e.g. Fardh, Waajib, Sunnah or Mustahab? A: Following one of the four Imaams of fiqh viz. (Imaam Abu Hanifah, Imaam Maalik, Imaam Shafi’ee and Imaam Ahmad [Rahimahumullah]) is waajib–li-ghairihi [1] (compulsory) in Deen. …

  • 9 February

    Following one of the Four Imaams of Fiqh

    Q: Can you please present to me the proofs from the Qur’an and Hadith commanding us to follow one of the four Imaams of fiqh? I believe that we are all followers of Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam). Hence Allah Ta’ala obligated us to follow our beloved Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam). …

  • 5 February

    Are there any Mujtahids in this day and age?

    Allamah Shihab Ar-Ramli (Rahmatullahi Alayh) (957 A.H.) states: “The person who has a true understanding of what ijtihaad actually means would feel ashamed before Allah from attributing it to anyone of this day and age. In fact, Ibnus-Salah (643 A.H.) and his followers stated that it had become extinct three …

  • 4 February

    Why are there only four Mazhabs?

    Many great Ulama’ of the past have clearly affirmed that taqleed has become confined to only one of the four mazhabs. In this regard ‘Allamah ‘Abdurrahman Ibn Muhammad Al-Maghribi (808 A.H) writes: “… Taqleed became confined to these four Imams in all the cities of the Muslim world. All the …

January, 2011

  • 24 January

    Refer to the Experts

    In regard to worldly affairs, the principle “refer to the experts of the field” is quite common. If a person intends constructing a triple story mansion, he will first contact an architect to draw out the plans. He will thereafter hire the services of an engineer as well as a …

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