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Karbala and Yazeed

Revealing the True Facts of Yazeed ~ The Incident of Karbala and the Events that Followed



Published by: Madrasah Taleemuddeen

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This book has been prepared to explain the incidents and events that occurred during the reign of Yazeed as well as to reveal the mainstream view of the Sahaabah (Radiyallahu Anhum), Taabi’een and the luminaries of the various eras of Islam regarding Yazeed.

Hard copies are available from Madrasah Ta’leemuddeen.

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The status of Yazeed and the position of the narrator Abu Mikhnaf

Q: Could you explain to me the correct opinion regarding Yazeed bin Mu'aawiyah? I read the book "Revealing the True Facts of Yazeed ~ The Incident of KARBALA and the Events that Followed". I found it to be very beneficial, however I have heard that there is a weak narrator by the name of Abu Mikhnaf, who appears in some of the reports quoted in the book. Is this correct? 

A: As far as the topic of Yazeed is concerned, it should be borne in mind that the fuqaha, muhadditheen and the luminaries of Deen, throughout the centuries of Islam, have condemned him for the colossal harm and irreparable damage that he caused to Islam. Their declaring him as an evil ruler was in compliance with the Holy Qur’an, wherein Allah Ta’ala says, “Allah Ta’ala does not like that evil be publicized except where one is oppressed (Surah Nisaa, 148)”.

The severe oppression and tyranny that the Sahaaba (Radiyallahu Anhum) and Taabi’een (Rahimahumullah) faced during the reign of Yazeed is well known to all. The reason for the Ulama explaining to the ummah the injustices and wrongs that had occurred during the reign of tyrant rulers, be it Yazeed, Hajaaj bin Yusuf or any other oppressive ruler, was so that the Haq becomes clear from baatil and the oppressors become distinct from the oppressed. Another reason for them detailing the wrongs that had occurred in history was so that this may serve as guidance for the ummah. By showing them the manner in which their pious predecessors had conducted in the face of such trials, the ummah will be able to determine what line of action they need to adopt when faced with similar situations.


The reliability of the book “Revealing the True Facts of Yazeed ~ The Incident of KARBALA and the Events that Followed”

Q: Mufti Saheb, I have heard that some of the narrations in the book "Revealing the True Facts of Yazeed ~ The Incident of KARBALA and the Events that Followed" are quoted through a weak, shia narrator, by the name of Abu Mikhnaf. Is this correct? If it is, then can we quote from such narrators? 

A: It pleases us to see that people are querying regarding the reliability of the kitaab, as our Deen teaches us to be cautious and particular regarding the sources through which we acquire our Deen. Furthermore, this gives us the opportunity to once more review the kitaab and ascertain whether the queries and concerns raised are valid.

Before discussing the status of the historian, Abu Mikhnaf, Lut bin Yahya, I regard it imperative to explain, as a prelude, the various types of ‘ilm in Deen as well as the Ahaadith and narrations that can be used for establishing each type of ‘ilm. This is vitally important in order for us to be able to understand each point in its proper perspective.