Monthly Archives: March 2012

Sajdah for Females

1. Say the takbeer and proceed into sajdah.[1] 2. Keep the back crouched when going into sajdah.[2] 3. Place the knees first on the ground, then the palms, then the nose and lastly the forehead.[3] 4. Keep the fingers tightly closed facing towards the qiblah.[4] 5. Place the palms parallel …

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Qiyaam for Females

  1. Face the qiblah.[1] 2. Raise both the hands up to the chest (i.e. the fingers will be in line with the shoulders) without removing the hands from beneath the burqa’.[2] 3. Then recite the takbeer (Allahu Akbar).[3] 4. The head should be kept straight without bending it or …

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