Janaazah Salaah of a non-Baaligh Child who has one Muslim Parent and one Kaafir Parent

If an infant child who has not reached the age of understanding passes away and only one of the parents is a Muslim while the other is a kaafir, the child will be regarded as a Muslim. Hence, Janaazah Salaah will be performed upon him. However, if the child is of the age of understanding and accepted the religion of his non-Muslim parent, he will be regarded as a non-Muslim, and he will not be given ghusal, kafan, and neither will Janaazah Salaah be performed upon him. [1]

[1] قوله ( كصبي سبي مع أحد أبويه ) أي لا يصلى عليه لأنه تبع لهما للحديث كل مولود يولد على الفطرة فأبواه يهودانه إلى آخره وتقدم في غسل الجنابة معنى الفطرة وأفاد بقوله ( إلا أن يسلم أحدهما ) أنه يصلي عليه لإسلامه تبعا للمسلم منهما لأنه يتبع خيرهما دينا (البحر الرائق 2/203)


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