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February, 2020

  • 12 February

    Sunnats and Aadaab of Ghusl- Part 1

    1. Bath in such a place where no one can see you. It is better to perform ghusl with the satr area covered. However, if one is in an enclosed area (e.g. bathroom) and one performs ghusl without the satr covered, it will be permissible. عن يعلى أن رسول الله …

August, 2013

  • 24 August

    The Faraaidh of Ghusal

    The fardh acts of ghusal are only three: 1) To gargle the mouth in such a way that water reaches everywhere. 2) To wash the nose up to the soft bone. 3) To pour water over the entire body, ensuring that no part of the body is left dry.

  • 24 August

    Sunnats and Aadaab of Ghusal- Part 2

    1. Do not face the qiblah while performing ghusl. 2. Preferably use a bucket to bath.

November, 2012

  • 12 November

    Passing away by falling into a well or drowning at sea

      Passing away by falling into a well If a person fell in a well and passed away, then if the body can be retrieved, the ghusal, kafan and Janaazah Salaah will be carried out as normal. If the body cannot be retrieved, then there will be no ghusal or …