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Crossing the bridge of death

Crossing the Bridge of Death


Every soul shall taste of death. (Surah Aale Imraan, Aayah 185)

Death is an inevitable event which no man can escape. It is accepted by both the believer and disbeliever. As far as a disbeliever is concerned he views death as a terminating factor which brings an abrupt end to his existence. As for a believer, he does not consider maut to be the end of life. Instead, he considers it to be the beginning of the second phase of the journey towards his ultimate abode – the Hereafter.

Death in reality is a gift for a believer and the reunion of the lover with his beloved. With death, the lover reaches his ultimate goal for which he strove throughout his life and he is now released from the imprisonment of this earthly abode. Allah Ta`ala states:Surah_fajar_27

O contented soul! Return to your Rabb while you are pleased (with Him) and He is pleased with you. Enter amongst My bondsmen and enter My gardens of Paradise. (Surah Fajr, Aayah 27)

Nabi sallallahu alaihi wa sallam has mentioned:

تحفة المؤمن الموت

Death is the gift of a believer. (Mustadrak Haakim, Hadith no. 7900 [4/355])

This booklet is a compilation of various laws pertaining to the dying person before and after death, the masaa’il of ghusal, kafn, janaazah etc. Every Muslim must equip himself with these relevant laws and masaa’il in order that the correct procedure could be adopted upon the demise of any person. Often, due to us lacking in the knowledge of these aspects, we tend to put the dying person as well as the family under unnecessary difficulty and trouble. May Allah Ta`ala accept this humble effort and allow it to be a means of benefit to one and all.