Is Taqleed supported by the Qur’an?

The injunction of Taqleed is established through many verses of the Qur’an. By way of example, a few verses will be cited below:

Ayah_57_15Follow the path of those who turn to Me [Allah Ta’ala] (Surah Luqman 31:15)

Ayah_16_43Ask the people of knowledge if you do not know. (Surah An-Nahl 16:43)

Ayah_4_59O you who believe obey Allah, the Rasul and the people of authority amongst you. (Surah Nisa 4:59 )

The Mufassireen (the likes of Abu Bakr Jassaas, Allama Aaloosi and Imaam Raazi) commentate that “ulil amr” in this verse refers to the Ulama and the Fuqahaa of the ummat. Hence, the compulsion of Taqleed is established from this verse.

The renowned Aalim of the Ahle Hadith (those who claim to be following the hadeeth), Nawaab Siddique Hasan confirms the above commentary in his kitaab Al-Junnah [1] thus saying:


According to Ibn Abbaas, Jaabir (Radiyallahu Anhuma), Hassan, Abul Aaliyah, Ataa’, Dahaak, Mujaahid and Imaam Ahmad (Rahmatullahi Alayhim) ulil amrin this verse refers to the Ulama.

Nawaab Siddique Hasan further states that if this verse is with reference to the Islamic Rulers, then too taqleed of the Ulama cannot be disproven. The reason being that obedience to the rulers is subject to the approval of the Ulama, as the rulings of the Ulama are subject to being in conformity with the teachings of Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam).


[1] فتاوى دار العلوم زكريا 1/141


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