Taking Maximum Benefit from the Blessings of Ramadhaan

Hazrat Shaikh Moulana Muhammad Zakariyya (rahmatullahi ‘alaih) writes:

The mubaarak month of Ramadhaan is a very great blessing and favour of Allah Ta’ala for the Muslims. However, the full blessing of this favour will be reaped by valuing and appreciating it. Otherwise, Ramadhaan will come and go without us gaining anything.

We should observe our ibaadah during the month of Ramadhaan. How much importance are we showing to the faraaidh and how much additional nawaafil do we carry out in this mubaarak month? As for the faraaidh, we clearly witness that many people after partaking of Sehri, go to bed and forego their Fajr salaah. Others perform it, but not with jamaat in the Musjid. As though this is the appreciation we give to Allah Ta’ala for the sehri food He has blessed us with, that we neglect the most important obligation of Deen. Either we make the salaah qadhaa by not performing it at all, or we discharge it with great deficiency by abandoning the salaah with jamaat in the Musjid.

(Fazaail-e-A’amaal [urdu], Fazaail-e-Ramadhaan pg. 2, pg.6)


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