Monthly Archives: June 2012

Doing Business While in I’tikaaf

Q: Is it permissible for one sitting in sunnah i’tikaaf to do business transactions in the masjid? A: It is permissible, however the merchandise should not be brought to the masjid. ( وخص ) المعتكف ( بكل وشرب وعقد احتاج إليه ) أو عياله فلو لتجارة كره ( كبيع ونكاح …

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Qadha of I’tikaaf

Q: If one’s sunnat i’tikaaf broke, is it necessary to make qadha of the entire ten days I’tikaaf or just the day the i’tikaaf broke? A: One will have to make Qadha of the day the I’tikaaf broke. قوله ( أما النفل ) أي الشامل للسنة المؤكدة… لزوم الاعتكاف المسنون …

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