Islamic Conduct

Roses 2Very often you get complaints of a person squeezing the worker as much as he can. So what Islam are we showing him? He will be left without having any respect for you or for your religion. Our niyyat needs to be correct. Islamic values need to be extended in everything, not only in our dealings but also in how we interact and conduct ourselves with others, whether Muslim or non-Muslim.  They will respect us for our modesty and honour that we show. If we are casual with women then how can we be an advertisement for Islam? Our Buzurgaan-e-deen don’t emphasise too much on nawaafil, but they emphasise on how we deal and interact with people. If a woman has cancer in the advanced stages and other sicknesses, and she then puts on jewellery etc. will that enhance her beauty in any way? The same applies with nawaafil etc. while we have the decay and rot that has entered our systems.

Source: Al-Haadi


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