True Islamic Finance

Islamic Finance Someone came to a businessman to offer some rolls of fabric complaining that he couldn’t get it selling. So the businessman in turn tells him that there is actually a demand for this fabric, and he then shows him a particular market and tells him how he should go about doing the deal. In the end, this person who could not get the fabric selling makes half a million. However, another way that this businessman could have looked at this situation was that this person is hard-pressed to sell and I can get the fabric at a bargain and make a huge profit. He will then go about bragging in front of his friends telling them how he had helped that person out and did him a favour by paying him cash for the fabric. In all of this, we have to see whether we are Muslim tradesmen or tradesmen first and then Muslims. If we are Muslim tradesmen then Islam comes first and then trade.

When we will follow this way then that person will appreciate it that the businessman saw that I was in need and he helped me out. On the other hand, a person who is a tradesman first will think that I will buy out that person and the profit that I make, I will use it for ‘Umrah or for some charitable cause. What we need to understand is that deen is naseehah, wishing well for others. What is the spirit of deen and how will this wishing well feature in this particular case? This person did not know how to do business, so you opened out the avenue for him. Now, this is true Islamic finance. If we are not going to go by this, then we will be stretching limits and we will just be looking to see whether the deal is haraam or not, but in the deal is there any spirit and essence of deen? It has been totally destroyed.  If the person who sold it to you comes to know what you did he will not feel nice. So, Alhamdulillah, there is an awakening in the finance sector regarding halaal dealings etc., but the even greater aspect is that what should be the true essence of Islamic finance. In this way, there will be much more barkat.

Source: Al-Haadi


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