Bring about the correct Islamic ethos

correct-orderEach person should work within his capacity to bring about the correct Islamic ethos. Others in other parts of the world are doing their jihaad, so we too should do our share of our jihaad. Our jihaad will be to stick to what is the Islamic ethos. There may be something that is permissible but it does not blend with what Islam wants of us. For example, for the salaah to be valid, a male is only required to cover from his navel to his knees. However, will we allow a person dressed just in a loincloth to go forward and lead the salaah. We will not, though his salaah is valid. So this should apply to all other facets of life as well. Then there will be no need to go out on holidays, get the latest cars, etc. When we add the ingredient of contentment to our lives then ‘enough’ is not enough, it will be more than enough.

Source: Al-Haadi


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