The Manner of Correcting People

starThere is a procedure in correcting a person. If we go against the procedure then it will only create fitnah and problems. Going against the procedure and adopting a hard approach is only for those who are divinely assisted, for if they adopt a harsh approach then through the aid of Allah Ta‘ala there will be no fitnah that will come about. The problem nowadays is that we like to spectate and look to see who is being insulted and smashed down. Hence, we should ask ourselves, are we reading these articles for deeni reasons or for enjoyment? Will we ever enjoy reading about our father being disgraced?

The correct procedure of correction is to address and speak to the person directly. If you have no authority and you make it public then you can face a lawsuit. If taken out in public then the public will get confused and they will lose confidence in the ‘Ulama, and this is what is happening nowadays. Nabi (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam) also corrected others, but he did not use vulgar language and lose his akhlaaq. As a senior, one is not supposed to be chasing people away, but to bring them closer. This was the way of our elders. They avoided causing any split in the Ummah.

Source: Al-Haadi


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