Importance of Consultation in Deeni Matters

consultationIt is a compulsory duty of every believer to create the consciousness and awareness of Allah Ta‘ala. Further, it is compulsory to consult and make mashwarah with someone for our personal deeni affairs. For business problems we will go to an accountant, and if we did not do so then the whole family will be against us. Likewise, for a medical problem we will consult with a doctor, for we feel that health is very important to us. Hence, why do we consider deen to be so cheap and unimportant that we can ask anybody and everybody and do what we feel?

When consulting, we should refer to those who have knowledge and are loyal to Allah Ta‘ala in order that we receive proper counsel. Otherwise the one who only has knowledge, then despite having knowledge he may look for his personal interests in the counsel. Hence, the one giving us advice and counsel should have sincerity and a strong understanding of deen.

Source: Al- Haadi


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