How to train the Nafs

trainingWe have two great oppositions, temptations and ego. In proportion to the opposition one will grow. In worldly matters, if the opposition is strong you will grow because you will make greater preparations. Likewise, in imaan if the opposition is strong then your imaan will strengthen and you will be elevated from one level to another. As long as the nafs is not trained and disciplined, it has no value. It is like a dog. As long as it is not trained nobody wants it, but after it is trained then people are prepared to pay whatever you ask for. Without the nafs being trained there will be great disaster. How do we then train this nafs and beast within us? Keep it away from those things that it desires.

The hadeeth speaks of the intelligent person being the one who has a check and control over his nafs and prepares for the life after death. We need to realise that the life in this world is like a jail. Hence, we have to see how we can be released from this jail comfortably. When you subject yourself to your nafs and temptations, then you will not worry about the command of Allah Ta‘ala.

Source: Al- Haadi


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