Da’wat and Sincerity

flowersA Muslim’s entire life is a dawat (invitation). This is not restricted to any situation; instead every action of his should be a dawat. Just as there are conditions for all other ibaadat and acts of worship, likewise there are conditions for inviting towards Islam. One should not adopt such an approach that would turn people away. The Qur’aan Shareef even advises us that in the process of us inviting we should not pick out the religions of others for they will in turn pick out on Islam.

Amongst the most important aspects in inviting to righteousness is sincerity. This is the lesson that we learn from qurbaani. Allah Ta’ala explains that it is not the meat or the blood that He looks at. Rather, it is the state of taqwa – referring to the state and condition of the heart. What frame of mind is a person carrying out his ibaadat with? Is it being performed solely for the sake of Allah Ta’ala or not. Whether we are going to sit in the company of some pious person or going for Hajj etc., it should all be for the sake of Allah Ta’ala. It should not be for merely gaining some barkat. People want more and more of the world yet they are comfortably fulfilling their responsibilities. Sincerity applies to our speech and our manner of dealing with situations as well. Sometimes, we utter certain statements just to gain the attention and favour of the superior. (Mufti Ebrahim Salajee)

Source: Al-Haadi


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