Zubaidah Gaining Forgiveness for Respecting the Azaan – The Orchards of Love – Part Fifty One

Zubaidah Gaining Forgiveness for Respecting the Azaan

The purpose for Allah Ta‘ala creating this world and sending the series of Ambiyaa and Rasuls (‘alaihimus salaam) to the world was so that the shari’ah (divine constitution) of Allah Ta‘ala be established and upheld  in the world.

Just as every government commands that its constitution be respected and upheld in the land, Allah Ta‘ala – the Supreme Lord and Creator of the entire universe – has commanded the creation to uphold and respect His divine constitution in the world.

The difference between the constitutions of the governments of the world and the divine constitution of Allah Ta‘ala is that the worldly constitutions are man-made, deficient, one-sided and partial, only securing the interests of the government or certain segments of society, while disregarding the interests of others.

On the contrary, the constitution of Allah Ta‘ala is divine, holistic, perfect and comprehensively teaches man how to fulfil the rights of Allah Ta‘ala and the  entire creation in the most beautiful and just manner, whereby one will be able to live with dignity, harmony and respect in all spheres of life and will become a source of goodness for all.

The Ambiyaa (‘alaihimus salaam) and pious of the past sacrificed their lives for the shari’ah to be upheld and preserved in the world, as they knew that this is the only thing that is most beloved in the sight of Allah Ta‘ala. Hence, when one shows respect to the shari’ah or any aspect of the shari’ah, then this is the guaranteed method and way for one to secure the pleasure of Allah Ta‘ala and gain His forgiveness.

There are many incidents in the annals of history where pious servants of Allah Ta‘ala gained forgiveness through them showing respect to some aspect of deen.  Below is an inspirational incident which illustrates how Zubaidah, the wife of the king, Haaroon Rasheed, gained her forgiveness through showing respect to the azaan:

Zubaidah was the wife of Haroon Rasheed, the renowned Abbasid ruler. During her lifetime, she had instructed that a canal be dug between Wadi Nu’maan and Makkah Mukarramah to provide the people of Makkah Mukarramah and the hujjaaj with water. Similarly, she also improved the road and travelling conditions for the hujjaaj and travellers between Baghdad and Makkah Mukarramah by constructing travellers’ inns, digging wells, providing security for the hujjaaj and travellers etc.

Throughout the centuries, thousands of people continued to benefit from her welfare work and humanitarian aid and contributions.

It is mentioned that on one occasion, Zubaidah was seated with her female attendants and friends, engaged in conversation, when they heard the sound of the azaan being called out from the musjid. As soon as Zubaidah heard the sound of the azaan, she instructed her friends and female attendants to respect the azaan by stopping their conversation and replying to the words of the azaan.

After Zubaidah passed away, a certain person had seen her in a dream. He saw her seated on a magnificent throne with great honour and dignity. He asked her, “How did Allah Ta‘ala deal with you?” She replied, “Allah Ta‘ala forgave me.”

He then asked her, “Were you forgiven on account of the wells and canal that you constructed, the structures and facilities that you built and the other humanitarian services that you provided on the road to Makkah?” She replied, “No, the wealth used for these projects was the wealth of the Bayt-ul-Maal belonging to the general public, hence the reward will go to all those whose wealth was used.”

The man then asked her, “On account of which action were you forgiven?” She answered, “Allah Ta‘ala forgave me on account of the respect which I showed to the azaan when I instructed my friends and female attendants to cease their conversation and reply to the words of the azaan.”

She further said, “After I passed away, Allah Ta‘ala made me stand before Him and then announced to the angels, “O my angels! This is Zubaidah, the one who remembered Me in the midst of her enjoyment. I make you witness that I have forgiven her.” (Mir’aat-uz-Zamaan 14/157 and Al-Ishaaraat fi-Ilmil Ibaaraat pg. 871)

May Allah Ta‘ala bless us all with the taufeeq of showing respect and honour to the azaan and every aspect that is associated with deen.


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