Sheikhul Hind (rahimahullah) – Part Four – Adherence to The Sunnah – Part 19

Sheikhul Hind (rahimahullah) – Part Four

Honouring the Guest

In the blessed Hadith, Rasulullah (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam) mentioned that the one who has imaan in Allah Ta‘ala and the Day of Qiyaamah should ensure that he honours his guest. Hence, honouring the guest is a demand of imaan and is among the great Sunnats of Rasulullah (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam).

It is for this reason that Hazrat Sheikhul Hind (rahimahullah) was very particular in regard to honouring his guests and seeing to their comfort. In fact, despite him being a renowned and respected aalim, he ensured that he would serve the guests with his own hands. Below is an incident that shows us the extent to which Hazrat Sheikhul Hind (rahimahullah) went in honouring and serving his guests:

Personally Serving His Guest

Moulana Mu’eenud Deen Saheb (rahimahullah) was a famous Aalim teaching at Madrasah Mu’eeniyyah in Ajmer. He was well known for his proficiency in the field of ma’qoolaat (logic). He had heard about Hazrat Sheikhul Hind (rahimahullah) and was very desirous to meet him.

Once, he came to Deoband and visited the home of Hazrat Sheikhul Hind (rahimahullah). It was extremely hot at that time, and at the entrance of Hazat Sheikhul Hind’s (rahimahullah) home, he met a person wearing a lungi and a vest. Moulana Mu’eenud Deen Saheb (rahimahullah) introduced himself and said, “I want to meet Hazrat Moulana Mahmoodul Hasan Saheb.” Hearing this, the person, with much humility, took Moulana Mu’eenud Deen (rahimahullah) into the home and made him comfortable saying, “We will meet him shortly.”

As Moulana Mu’eenud Deen (rahimahullah) waited, this person brought some sharbat (sweet drink) to drink. After drinking the sharbat, Moulana Mu’eenud Deen (rahimahullah) said to him, “Please inform Hazrat Moulana Mahmoodul Hasan Saheb that I want to meet him.” The person replied saying, “Don’t worry! Sit comfortably and be relaxed.”

A little while later, this person brought some food and insisted that he partake of it. Moulana Mu’eenud Deen (rahimahullah) said, “I have come to meet Moulana Mahmoodul Hasan Saheb, so please inform him that I am here.” The person replied, “He has already been informed. Enjoy your meal now. You will meet him shortly.”

After Moulana Mu’eenud Deen (rahimahullah) had finished eating his meal, the person began fanning him with a hand fan. After some time had passed, Moulana Mu’eenud Deen (rahimahullah) got up and said, “You are wasting my time. I have come specially to meet Hazrat Moulana. So much of time has passed and yet you have not taken me to him.”

At that point, the person addressed him and said, “Actually, there is no Moulana over here. However, this lowly sinful servant’s name is Mahmood.”

Hearing this, Moulana Mu’eenud Deen (rahimahullah) was dumbstruck. It was only then that he realized that this person, who was serving him, was none other than Hazrat Sheikhul Hind (rahimahullah) himself, who had concealed his identity so that he will have the opportunity to personally serve the guest and see to his comfort.


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