The Arch Enemies of Islam – Abu Lahab (Part Four)

Seven days after the Battle of Badr, a septic boil appeared on Abu Lahab’s body and began spreading, and this became the cause of his death.

Out of the fear that the infection should not spread to them, his family members refused to even touch his corpse. In this manner, his corpse remained where it was for three days decomposing.

Finally, out of the fear of disgrace and dishonour, they employed a few Abyssinian labourers to remove his body. They dug a hole, and using wooden poles, they shoved his body towards the hole and dumped it inside. They then covered the hole with sand and stones.

When this was the humiliation and disgrace that he suffered in this world, then how much worse will his humiliation and disgrace be in the Hereafter! May Allah Ta‘ala protect us all from this – Aameen.

(Extracted from Seeratul Mustafa 1/214)


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