Sunnats and Aadaab of Speech – Part 8

1. It is permissible to speak about the wrongs of a person in order to save people from his harm. For example, someone is asked for a reference regarding a certain boy for the purpose of nikaah, it will be permissible for him to reveal that boy’s weaknesses or wrongs with the intention of saving the girl and her family from the harm of the boy. Similarly, if someone is asked regarding the reliability and honesty of a certain person for the purpose of doing business with him, it will be permissible to reveal that person’s condition in order to save the person from his harm.

Similarly, it is permissible for one who is in difficulty or oppressed to explain to the Islamic Judge the wrongs that are carried out against him in order to seek the Islamic judgement. Similar will be the case of a person explaining his difficulty to an Aalim to find out the Islamic verdict or to seek counsel and guidance.


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