Imaan – The Recipe to Happiness and Joy

Hazrat Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Daamat Barakaatuhu) mentioned:

All acts of ‘ibaadat are branches of Imaan. Without Imaan, there is no reward for any act irrespective of the quantity.

Among these ‘ibaadaat are those whose rewards are recurring. For example, the growing of a beard. For as long as a person has a beard, his reward will be recurring at every moment of his life as he is upholding this mubaarak sunnah in his life for every moment. Similar is the case of nikaah. As long as a person is in nikaah and he upholds the rights of nikaah, he will continue to reap the rewards of upholding this mubaarak sunnah from Allah Ta’ala. Thus, when this is the situation with some of the branches, how much greater would be the case with imaan? Its rewards are recurring for as long as a person has faith and imaan.

If we only reflect over the details of Imaan then there would be no reason for any person to grieve and be sorrowful. With Imaan we believe that Allah Ta‘ala is the Absolute Controller of all affairs. Hence, when we realise this, we have the recipe to happiness. We have the tendency to look at things negatively and only think of the misfortunes and difficulties that overcome us. Instead, forget the hardships and think of the many bounties and favours we enjoy.


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