Reflecting over death

grave2Hazrat Shaikh Moulana Muhammad Zakariyya (rahmatullahi ‘alaih) once mentioned:

The life of this world is temporary and will soon come to an end. While there exists a difference of opinion regarding everything in life, there exists no difference of opinion regarding the certainty of death. Despite us believing in the inevitability and certainty of death, yet we still don’t find time to work and strive for the eternal life. We find the time to earn our livelihood but don’t find any time to engage in zikr. The separation of India and Pakistan (where people were forced to leave India and settle in Pakistan leaving behind all their properties and wealth) made it easy for us to realize that at the time of death nothing will accompany a person when he leaves this world. The Masha’ikh have written in regards to hajj that the entire scene of hajj is one that depicts the spectacle of death. A person removes his normal clothing and replaces it with two simple pieces of cloth. People accompany the person leaving for hajj to the station or to Bombay in order to see him off and thereafter return to their homes. People departing for hajj have to leave all their wealth, properties etc. behind. Hazrat Sheikh (rahimahullah) then mentioned,


“When the clock sounds, an announcement is actually being made: “O negligent person, every time the needle of the clock goes around, it has decreased a portion of your life.” (Suhbate Ba Awliyaa’ page.152)


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