Hadhrat Moulana Yaseen Sahib (rahmatullahi alaih) and Salaah with jamaat

Musjid NabawiHadhrat Moulana Yaseen Sahib rahmatullahi alaih, the father of Mufti Muhammad Shafee` Sahib rahmatullahi alaih used to very greatly emphasise the importance of Salaah with jamaat. In this regard, Hadhrat Mufti Muhammad Rafee` Uthmani daamat barakaatuhum writes:

"Salaah with jamaat was from amongst the very outstanding features in his life together with his auraad, ma`moolaat and takbeer-e-ula. Towards the end of his life when he was constantly afflicted with various ailments and illnesses, he would find it difficult to even move about. Despite this, he would be the first person to reach the Musjid for jamaat Salaah. " (Hayaat-e-Mufti A`zam, p. 22) 


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