The Role of a Woman in Society

pearl in oysterAllah Ta‘ala discusses several etiquettes of women in the beginning of the 22nd para. The first etiquette is that they should not talk in soft and luring tones. Women are naturally blessed with attraction. Hence it is likely that if they speak in such tones, that strange men may get attracted to them. The second aspect is that they should remain within the confines of their homes. For 20 centuries women lived comfortably within their homes. They did not find the need to venture out. It is only now in the 21st century that they have come with the excuse that what if she is divorced etc., then she will have some form of a support. The third aspect is that women should not expose their beauty as was the case in the former period of ignorance. Prior to Islam, the women would also emerge with their body parts exposed. Presently we are experiencing the latter period of ignorance. 

Source: Al-Haadi


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