The Solution to Every Problem of Man

Hazrat Shaikh Moulana Muhammad Zakariyya (rahmatullahi ‘alaih) once mentioned the following:

The only being who blesses and bestows wealth upon the creation is Allah Ta‘ala. Now, it is left to Him to decide how He wishes to bless a person. Overall, Allah Ta‘ala inspires the hearts of people to fulfil the needs of others.

I had a certain friend, and whenever it would be the season for ber (a type of Indian plum), he would send me five seyr (6.25kg) of ber from Deoband (as Deoband was famously known for its ber). The year that friend of mine passed away – then that very same year, a basket of ber began to arrive from another friend of mine.

Similarly, I had a certain friend who lived in Kaandhlah. Those who are present in the majlis (gathering) from Kaandhlah will know him. He was one of the wealthy and influential people of Kaandhlah. He had fixed an amount of one hundred rupees which he would annually send to me as a gift. He would also send gifts to the senior Ulama. When he passed away, then that very same year, another friend of mine began sending this gift to me.

My beloved friends! Understand well that it is only Allah who gives! If you wish to ask, then only ask from Him as He is the true owner of everything. He alone gives, and He alone inspires the hearts of His servants to give to whomsoever He wishes.

O Ulama! Listen attentively! Even if you break your head a hundred thousand times trying to gain wealth from people, nobody will give you anything. Neither will the principal of the madrasah give you anything, nor will the trustees and those in charge of the madrasah give you anything. Allah Ta‘ala alone is the giver, and He alone inspires the hearts of His servants to give to whomsoever He wishes.

My beloved friends! Only beg from Allah Ta‘ala, constantly beg from Him, and when you beg from Him then shed tears while asking from Him. The Hadith teaches us that even if you are in need of a shoelace which has broken, then turn to Him and ask Him for it.

 (Malfoozaat Sheikh-ul-Hadith pg. 53-54)


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