Imaam Bukhaari (rahimahullah) Abstaining from Gheebah – Part Eleven

Imaam Bukhaari (rahimahullah) was extremely cautious in regard to gheebah (backbiting). Hence, Imaam Bukhaari (rahimahullah) once mentioned, “From the time I learnt that gheebah is haraam, I never made the gheebah of any person.”

It was on account of Imaam Bukhaari (rahimahullah) exercising a very high level of caution in regard to gheebah that he once said, “I have hope that when I meet Allah Ta‘ala, He will not take me to task for making any person’s gheebah.”

Haafiz Ibnu Hajar (rahimahullah) mentions:

Even when commenting on the status of the different narrators and criticizing them, Imaam Bukhaari (rahimahullah) adopted extreme caution in his speech, as will be apparent to anyone who studies the works of Imaam Bukhaari (rahimahullah). Hence, most of the time, Imaam Bukhaari (rahimahullah) would criticize a person saying, “The Muhadditheen have remained silent regarding him (i.e. they have not approved of him),” or, “There is a problem with him,” or, “The Muhadditheen have avoided him,” or other similar remarks.

(Hadyus Saari pg. 480)


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