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January, 2014

  • 30 January

    Leasing one’s premises to conventional banks and aiding in sin

    Q: I recently purchased a property in partnership with two friends. Many prospective tenants have requested that the property be leased to them, including a bank. I refused to accept a bank as a tenant as I always understood it to be wrong. However, my partners have received a ruling that …

  • 25 January

    The impermissibility of earning eBucks points through the bank

    Q: What is the shar`ee ruling on eBucks points earned through the bank? A: Before addressing this pertinent issue, it is of paramount importance for us to understand the Islamic way of earning wealth as opposed to the way wealth is earned through the riba based systems of the bank. We hope …

December, 2012

December, 2011

  • 4 December

    Muharram and Aashura

    Muharram and Aashura It is the divine system of Allah Ta’ala that He has afforded special virtue and significance to certain things over others. From mankind, it is the Ambiyaa (Alayhimus Salaam) who have been blessed with the highest status and most distinguished position over others. From the different places …

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