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December, 2011

  • 29 December

    The auspicious birth

    At the break of dawn on Monday the 8th of Rabi Ul-Awwal, corresponding to April 570 A.D., in the Holy city of Makkah Mukarramah, in the house of Abu Taalib, the greatest of mankind, the leader of the progeny of Aadam, Muhammad Mustafa (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) entered this world. It …

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  • 28 December

    Enshrouding the deceased

    Method of Laying Out the Kafan and Enshrouding the Male Deceased It is sunnah to enshroud a man in three cloths i.e. a qamees (kurta), an izaar (loincloth), and a lifaafah (sheet).[1] The izaar (loincloth) will be from the head to the toe. The lifaafah (sheet) should be slightly longer …

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  • 17 December

    Ghusal of the deceased

    Preparation for the Ghusal Once the necessary requirements for the ghusal and kafan are found, the deceased will be placed on a stretcher or bier and taken for the ghusal. If possible, incense sticks should be burnt one, three, five or seven times. The reason for burning incense near the …

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  • 4 December

    Muharram and Aashura

    Muharram and Aashura It is the divine system of Allah Ta’ala that He has afforded special virtue and significance to certain things over others. From mankind, it is the Ambiyaa (Alayhimus Salaam) who have been blessed with the highest status and most distinguished position over others. From the different places …

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  • 3 December

    The Final Moments

    Every soul shall taste of death. (Surah Aal-e-Imraan: 185) Death is an inevitable event which no man can escape. As such, the reality of death is something which is accepted by both the believer and disbeliever. As far as a disbeliever is concerned, he views death as a terminating point …

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