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August, 2021

  • 23 August

    Fulfilling Rights is the Benchmark of Success and Failure

    Hazrat Moulana Muhammad Ilyaas (rahmatullahi ‘alaih) once mentioned the following: Jannah is the reward that one receives in exchange for fulfilling huqooq (rights). In other words, when a person sacrifices his comfort and ease for the sake of Allah Ta‘ala, and endures difficulty in order to fulfill the rights that …

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  • 23 August

    Adherence to The Sunnah – Part 1

    The Strict Adherence of Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddeeq (radhiyallahu ‘anhu) to the Shari‘ah and Sunnah of Rasulullah (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam)

    After Hazrat Abu Bakr (radhiyallahu ‘anhu) was appointed as the Khalifah and the Muslims had pledged allegiance at his hands, Hazrat Abu Bakr (radhiyallahu ‘anhu) addressed the people and delivered a khutbah.

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  • 22 August

    Dua when fearing the enemy – 1

    One should recite the following dua when fearing the enemy: اللَّهُمَّ إِنَّا نَجْعَلُكَ فِي نُحُورِهِمْ وَنَعُوذُ بِكَ مِنْ شُرُورِهِم O Allāh, we place You at their throats (i.e. we put You in front of them), and we seek Your refuge from their evil عن أبي بردة بن عبد الله، أن …

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  • 19 August

    Wasiyyah Q&A (Part 6)

    Making a wasiyyah that upon one’s demise, a certain debtor should be absolved of his debt Speaker: Ml. Ebrahim Salajee Duration: 00:01:39 Format: mp3 Size: 686 KB Download If you did not understand the maslah or any aspect of the maslah, then refer your question to

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  • 17 August

    Sunnats and Aadaab relating to the Employer and Employee – Part 6

    1. It is not permissible for the employer to fine the employee for any mistakes he makes. However, in the case where the employee intentionally caused damage to the wealth or property of the employer, then the employee can be held liable for the damage he caused.

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