Janaazah salaah of a corpse that has bloated and there is fear of it disintegrating

If the corpse of the deceased bloated to such an extent that it is feared that the body will burst by touching it, then merely passing water over the body will suffice for the ghusal. The deceased will be enshrouded in the kafan in the normal manner and Janaazah Salaah will be performed. However, if the body bursts before the Janaazah Salaah can be performed, then the Janaazah Salaah will not be performed upon the deceased. Instead, the burst body will be buried without Janaazah Salaah.

If the body did not burst, but there is a bad odour emitting from it, Janaazah Salaah will still be performed on the body.[1]

Finding the skeleton of the deceased

If only the skeleton of the deceased is found, then there will be no ghusal or Janaazah Salaah. Instead, it will just be wrapped in a cloth and buried.[2]

[1] ولو كان الميت متفسخا يتعذر مسحه كفى صب الماء عليه كذا في التتارخانية ناقلا عن العتابية (الفتاوى الهندية ١/١٥٨)

والمنتفخ الذي تعذر مسه يصب عليه الماء (مراقي الفلاح صـ ٥٦٩)

ويصلى عليه (ما لم يتفسخ)

قال العلامة الطحطاوي – رحمه الله -: قوله: (ما لم يتفسخ) أي تفرق أعضاؤه فإن تفسخ لا يصلى عليه مطلقا لأنها شرعت على البدن ولا وجود له مع التفسخ (حاشية الطحطاوي على مراقي الفلاح صـ ٥٩٢

[2] ألا ترى أن العظام لا يصلى عليها بالإجماع (بدائع الصنائع ١/٣٠٢)


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