The Bounties of Paradise

Rose garden In Jannat there is nothing such as termination and ending – ما لَهُ مِن نَفادٍ– The taste of things will never end. It will just be one excitement to another, one enjoyment to another. Everything is just continuing and each one is different from the other. In this world, even when a person gets married, that enjoyment is not lasting.

The second aspect in Jannat is that there is no exhaustion – لا يَمَسُّنا فيها نَصَبٌ  . In this world, you stay awake the whole night enjoying yourself, but by the morning you are tired.

The third feature in Jannat is that you will not want to move out لا يَبغونَ عَنها حِوَلًا

The fourth feature is that there will be nothing that will be painful, whether real pain or made up.

So if you want to invest then this is what a real investment plan is. Otherwise, in other things you will have to undergo the pain of separation, whether it is the separation of your wealth, health, or energy. When a person works towards this then he experiences and understands the dullness of this world and the enjoyment of the Hereafter.

Source: Al-Haadi


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