Reciting Surah Quraysh when travelling for safety

If one fears harm or danger from an enemy or any creature, then one should recite Surah Quraysh.

 قال أبو طاهر بن جحشويه: أردتُ سفراً وكنتُ خائفاً منه، فدخلتُ إلى القزويني أسألُه الدعاءَ، فقال لي ابتداءً من قِبَل نفسه: مَن أرادَ سفراً ففزِعَ من عدوّ أو وحش فليقرأ (لإِيلافِ قُرَيْشٍ) فإنها أمانٌ من كلّ سوء، فقرأتُها فلم يعرض لي عارض حتى الآن. (الأذكار للنووي)

Hazrat Abu Taahir (rahimahullah) relates: “I once intended embarking on a journey but was worried about my safety during the journey. I then went to Hazrat Abul Hasan Qazweeni (rahimahullah) to ask him to make du‘aa on my behalf. When I came to him, then without me expressing my condition to him, he said to me, ‘whoever intends going on a journey, and then fears the attack of an enemy or a wild animal, he should recite Surah Quraysh, as the recitation of this surah will be a means of protection for him from every evil.’ Hazrat Abu Taahir (rahimahullah) further says, ‘I began reciting this surah (whenever I travelled), and until this time, I have never experienced any harm (during my journeys).’”


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