Participation in Hilf-ul-Fudhool – Part One

The Arabs had been engaged in a series of battles with each other for many years. However, how long could this continue for? After Harb-ul-Fujjaar was concluded, it occurred to some people that just as bloodshed and killing was previously brought to an end by a pact devised by Fadhl bin Fudhaalah, Fadhl bin Wadaa‘ah and Fudhail bin Haarith, whose names caused this pact to be popularly known as Hilf-ul-Fudhool, in the same way, there was today an urgent need to once again to revive this pact.

Zubair bin ‘Abdul Muttalib mentioned this pact in his poetry saying:

إن الفضول تحالفوا وتعاقدوا     ألا يقيم ببطن مكة ظالم

Indeed the three Fadhls (Fadhl bin Fudhaalah, Fadhl bin Wadaa‘ah and Fudhail bin Haarith) all took a solemn pledge from the people that no oppressor would be permitted to live within the valley of Makkah

أمر عليه تعاهدوا وتواثقوا     فالجار والمعتر فيهم سالم

They all pledged and agreed to this, and hence the neighbors and visitors would all be safe among them in Makkah.”

(Extracted from Seeratul Mustafa 1/94)


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