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May 2015

Forty Durood – Durood 38

This entry is part 38 of 40 in the series Forty Durood

  اَﻟﺘﱠﺤِﻴﱠﺎتُ ﻟِﻠﻪِ اﻟﺼﱠﻠَﻮَاتُ اﻟﻄﱠﻴﱢﺒَﺎتُ، اَﻟﺴﱠﻼمُ ﻋَﻠَﻴْﻚَ أَﻳــﱡﻬَﺎ اﻟﻨﱠﺒِﻲﱡ وَرَﺣْﻤَﺔُ اﷲِ، اَﻟﺴﱠﻼمُ ﻋَﻠَﻴْﻨَﺎ وَﻋَﻠَﻰ ﻋِﺒَﺎدِ اﷲِ اﻟﺼﱠﺎﻟِﺤِﻴْﻦَ ، أَﺷْﻬَﺪُ أَنْ ﻻﱠ إِﻟَﻪَ إِﻻﱠ اﷲُ وَأَﺷْﻬَﺪُ أَنﱠ ﻣُﺤَﻤﱠﺪًا ﻋَﺒْﺪُﻩُ وَرَﺳُﻮْﻟُﻪُ All verbal praises, physical praises and monetary devotions are for Allah Ta’ala. May the special peace of Allah Ta’ala descend upon you, O Nabi (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam), […]

The Blessing of Ramadhaan

Hazrat Shaikh Moulana Muhammad Zakariyya (rahmatullahi ‘alaih) writes: The mubaarak month of Ramadhaan is a very great blessing and favour of Allah Ta’ala for the Muslims. However, the full blessing of this favour will be reaped by valuing it and appreciating it. Otherwise Ramadhaan will come and go without us gaining anything. (Fazaail-e-A’amaal [urdu], Fazaail-e-Ramadhaan […]

Prerequisite of Deriving full benefit from Zikr

Hazrat Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi (rahmatullahi ‘alaih) once mentioned: Zikr is a means of acquiring great blessings. However, one will derive the full benefit from the blessings provided one refrains from evil actions and sins. This could be understood through the following illustration. Consider the example of a person who does not perform his faraaidh […]

Significance of the 15th of Sha’baan

Q: I heard from an Arab Shaykh that although there are ahaadith with regards to the virtues of the night of shab-e-baraat, but nothing is authentic. So we dont need to attach special reverence to this day or night. Is this true? If not, please provide authentic ahaadith. A: There are many authentic Ahaadith reported regarding the virtues […]

Q: Is zakaat payable on outstanding debts owed to a person in lieu of merchandise sold? If the debt is paid after few years, will zakaat have to be paid for the previous years?

This entry is part 39 of 39 in the series Zakaat Masaail

A: Zakaat is waaj​ib upon debts owed in lieu of merchandise sold. If the debt is paid after few years, the zakaat will have to be discharged for the previous years. And Allah Ta'ala (الله تعالى) knows best. ( و ) اعلم أن الديون عند الإمام ثلاثة قوي ومتوسط وضعيف (فتجب ) زكاتها إذا تم نصابا […]