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Imaam Shaafi’ee

Imaam Shaafi’ee (Rahmatullahi Alaihi)


Imaam Shaafi’ee’s (Rahmatullahi Alaihi) name was Muhammad ibn Idris. He was born in the year 150 A.H. (the very year Imaam Abu Hanifah passed away) and passed away in the month of Rajab, 204 A.H.[1]

His Expertise

Imaam Ahmad (Rahmatullahi Alaihi) said: “Anyone who used ink and a pen (for the knowledge of Deen) is undoubtedly indebted to Imaam Shaafi’i (Rahmatullahi Alaihi) in some way or the other.” Imaam Ahmad (Rahmatullahi Alaihi) also said: “For forty years I have been supplicating for Imaam Shaafi’ee after Salaah.” Once Imaam Ahmad’s (Rahmatullahi Alaihi) son asked him: “What type of a person was Imaam Shaafi’i? I hear you supplicating for him so much?” He replied: “O my beloved son! Imaam Shaafi’i (Rahmatullahi Alaihi) was like the sun for the world and a safety for the people. Think about it, do these two (bounties) have any substitute?” [2]